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Water Treatment Equipment Sales and Service 

We specialize in Commercial Industrial and Residential water treatment. We have experience treating Waterloo Regional water. We offer solutions for large volumes like carwashes, restaurants and high-rise buildings to a single family home. We are proud to deliver the best quality of drinking water. 




​Boiler repair & installation

High efficiency Boilers are a great way to heat your home or business. Cast iron radiators for those more traditional systems to full in floor and ice melt systems. We can help keep your existing system serviced and when it is time for a newer system we offer great solutions.    




Gas Piping ​

We are a licensed contractor through TSSA. We have licensed gas technicians ready to supply natural gas and propane lines for all your gas fired equipment.


We work with local commercial and residential builders providing installation approved by local building department and in compliance with Ontario Building Code. Design build services available. 



Backflow Prevention 

We have Technicians licensed through the Ontario Water Works Association. We offer testing and servicing for you backflow devices along with surveys to detect cross connections. ​




Plumbing Service

Faucet Repairs, Clogged drains, pipe repairs and leak detection are just the beginning. We are excited investigate getting to the root of the problem to make long term solutions.   




We service and install well pumps and pressure systems. Recommending the right equipment to keep your private well reliable and safe with bacteria UV sterilization. 

Sewage and Storm Water pumps systems service and installation. Ask about our battery backup sump pump system with WIFi alerts keeping your new basement renovation dry even when the power is out.    

Drain Cleaning & Storm and Sanitary Steam jetting services.

We have experience and equipment to clean slow kitchen drain to large main drains. We offer manhole cleaning and inspections. High pressure hot water steam equipment for ice or grease blockages.  

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